Plotter vinyl rolls

The outcome of inkjet printing is highly dependant on the quality of the printing media. There is a wide variety of plotter papers and are used various printing needs such as printing of maps, blueprints among other engineering and architectural uses.

Vinyl Plotter Paper
This is a common printing media commonly used for more exotic printing needs such as the production of banners. Vinyl plotting paper is an ideal material for making banners because of its excellent performance properties. It’s extremely durable and can withstand strong winds and heavy rains, making it an excellent outdoor advertising media.

Plotter vinyl rolls come in a range of sizes and texture to match specific printing needs. The material’s ability to hold on to color for such long period is another reason why people like to use vinyl plotter paper. It creates fresh and vibrant colors allowing you to communicate your message more effectively.

20 Pound Inkjet Bond Paper
This is perhaps the most economical plotter paper often used in office copiers for mailing announcements and sending memos. Engineering bond paper is perfect for printing line-type drawings, but you are highly discouraged to use it for large format printing such as maps. This is because the material is lightweight and therefore prone to ink bleed.

There are two types of bond paper. These are uncoated and coated bond paper. The uncoated bond paper is a multipurpose plotter paper for everyday use such as printing, drawing, and copying. It features more porous matte surface which absorbs a great deal of ink, allowing it to dry faster than coated papers.

Coated bond paper rolls, on the other hand, are ideal plotter papers for printing color maps and colored images. This material has been chemically treated to give it a more lustrous look, which makes text, photographs and color rendering printed on it look sharp and clear.

Bulk engineering paper
Heavyweight bonds come in a range of sizes ranging from 24 pounds up to 50 pounds. These make an ideal printing media when you want to print full color. Also, they are chemically treated to give it a nice finish and avoid ink bleed.

Apart from plotter vinyl rolls, heavyweight bonds, and inkjet bond, other speciality media is photo papers. As the name suggests, this plotter paper roll is exclusively designed to print photos.