Spatial data analysis

You are not sure that you want to see the geospatial data analysis services data that has been collected on you in the last month, but it might help you track how it is that you have blown through so much money during these weeks leading up to the holidays. Every time you are making a purchase it is well researched and often at a sale price. Even by looking for the best buys on the items that you want to get for your friends and family this holiday you have still spent a good deal of money.
As the holidays arrive, Americans tend to spend more and more money. From presents for grandparents to gifts for grandchildren, today more than ever the money that we spend during the holidays is easier to track and to monitor by retailers. And while this information is useful to retailers, it can also be beneficial to consumers. Finding out the three stores down from where you are shopping, for instance, is having a major sale on your favorite makeup can help you save both time and money.

Location Intelligence Market Information Is One of the Newest Ways That Companies Are Trying to Make the Most Of Digital Data

A GPS receiver can determine the current time within 100 billionths of a second. As a result, this time stamp can help retailers and marketing analysis teams connect with nearby customers. In fact, as the location intelligence market continues to expand it should come as no surprise that more retailers and service providers will do an even better job of promoting their products and offerings to the consumers and clients who are the most likely to make a purchase.
There are many facts and figures that indicate that the digital marketing continues to expand and be more effective. For instance, The Geospatial industry generated revenue as high as $73 billion in the year 2011, as well as helping to generate $1.6 trillion in revenue for the rest of the US economy. Given that the world’s population will grow from about 6.5 billion now to more than 9 billion in the next four decades, it is easy to assume that digital marketing strategies will continue to grow in importance. A 50% world population increase in the next four decades is a simple indicator that companies will continue to look for the most effective ways to connect with their customers.

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