Meter mix dispensing

A wide range of manufacturing industries, including automotive, electronics aerospace and military, and general manufacturing use resin dispensing equipment and pump systems. The materials dispensed include epoxies, silicones, acrylics, polyurethanes and adhesives. The types of meter mix dispensing systems can range from simple table-top machine to complex engineered solutions. Metered pump dispensers include various types such as piston metering systems and vacuum encapsulation for degassing. Dispensing Systems are finding new applications in the LED lighting and solar energy industries.

A range of meter mix systems
Metered pump dispensers can be simple table top models or complex systems engineered for specific purposes. The range of single- and multi- component meter mix systems for manufacturing processes includes:

  • Piston metering systems
  • Bead dispensing systems
  • Gear pump metering systems
  • Cartridge metering systems
  • Vaccum encapsulation for de-gassing
  • Dispensing with XY automation

New applications for dispensing systems are emerging in the solar energy and LED lighting industries.

Encapsulation for the solar and LED industries
Encapsulating is the process of encasing or protecting an electronic assembly in a casing that is resistant to shock and vibration. It also protects the assembly from moisture and corrosion. The casing is made of a thermosetting material which is dispensed through meter mix systems. Dispensing solutions can be engineered for specific industries and processes.
Solar energy and LED lighting are transforming the energy industry in the U.S. and around the world. The total solar capacity in the U.S. was 49 GW in December 2017, and the number of installations is growing rapidly. Th total number of solar installations crossed the one million mark in 2016 and now stands at 1.6 million. It is projected to cross 2 million in 2018 and reach 4 million by 2022. LEDs likewise have the potential to transform the energy sector by cutting energy usage by half.

Designing solutions for specific projects
Two new applications for metered pump dispensers are in the growing solar and LED industries. In the solar industry, junction boxes and photovoltaic circuitry must to insulated and protected from moisture, heat and other environmental conditions. Unique meter mix systems can be designed for each array.
Light emitting diodes or LEDs are encapsulated in a single step process, using room temperature or heated resin. Dispensing solutions for LEDs can handle anything from mesh LED displays with mega screens made up of thousands of LEDs to micro fiber optics in the medical and scientific fields. LEDs are widely used in automotive lighting, advertising displays, LCD screens, aviation display and airport lighting, street lights and traffic control, rail and road signaling systems and in the medical field.

A variety of manufacturing industries including automotive, electronics, aerospace, and general manufacturing use metered pump dispensers for potting and encapsulation processes. These protect crucial electronic assemblies from shock, moisture and corrosion. New applications for these processes are emerging in the energy industry, and specifically in the fields of solar energy and LED lighting. Custom solutions can be engineered for specific projects and processes.