Managed service provider

For many companies and businesses, IT solutions are necessary to keep the company up and running. IT solutions can encompass anything from troubleshooting problematic technology to bettering the technological literacy of the company. IT solutions can also help to include technological advancement as part of the company, incorporating the option to hire employees that telecommute to work. IT solutions can also include SEO as well, helping the company or business to better advertise themselves and their services and products.

Working remotely is one IT solution that is becoming more and more common. In fact, out of all small company employees who were surveyed, over 60% said that option to telecommute was offered to them and around 70% of employees who work for large companies had the option to work remotely (for medium sized companies, just over half of them offered the option to telecommute). Around two out of every three companies in the United States offers some option to work remotely, even if the option to work remotely is only available for some of the time that the employee works.

IT services can also help companies to ensure network security. Hacking has always been a problem for companies large and small, and an astounding 20% of all small businesses and companies will be hacked within the first year of opening. Many companies large and small have issues with losing data, and there are many reasons for this to occur. Almost half of all data losses at companies were due to users deleting information while almost 20% occurred because of information being unintentionally overwritten. Almost half of all companies have lost some amount of data to the cloud and required back ups. IT solutions and IT support services can help to restore some of this information and, if the information is not able to be fully or partially restored, help the company set up ways to prevent the loss of information from happening again.

IT consulting services can also help to set up a company website. In our age of the internet, website design is more important than you may think. In fact, half of all surveyed people said that the design of a website was important in how they formed their opinions on the company and helped them to determine whether or not a company was credible.

No matter what role they fill for a particular company, IT solutions are an important part of keeping any company that utilizes technology running smoothly. IT solutions and services can help companies advertise as well as troubleshoot and protect against hackers, and their services are frequently vital to the well being of a company or business.