Computer recycling

All businesses rely on computer and networking equipment to connect employees and connect with customers. The right equipment creates a functioning network the whole organization can depend upon. Part of keeping that network integrated and reliable is constantly cycling out old components for new ones. This causes two important issues that need to be resolved.

Business Electronic Recycling

The first problem is that of environmentally friendly waste disposal. Almost all e-waste can be recycled, yet every year the United Nations estimates that between 20 million and 50 million metric tons of it are simply thrown away. The United States is the worst offender in this regard, throwing away 9.4 million tons of equipment rather than using network equipment recycling services or finding a recycling center. This creates an enormous amount of energy waste and pollution, as many of these components are filled with toxic chemicals and materials that do not biodegrade.

Data Destruction

A lot of people believe that if they erase a computer or networking device memory, this protects their data. It does not. Data on erased equipment can still be read by bad actors with the right equipment and technology, and what they find can be used against a company or a person in various ways. Networking equipment like switches can also retain data that was passed from one machine to another. Proper network equipment recycling is the only way to ensure all the data is fully destroyed.

The Answer: Electronics Recycling

Network equipment recycling, server recycling, and computer recycling can deal with both data destruction issues and environmental protection. The right e waste recycling center is capable of using advanced, certified recycling processes to fully destroy all data that might remain on any computer or networking device, while still ensuring that the equipment stays out of landfills. It’s also possible to get a bit of money back for equipment in decent enough shape to be resold.

Network equipment recycling is crucial both for the environment and for the safety of a company. The EPA estimates that recycling just one laptop computer saves as much energy as that needed to power 3,657 homes in the United States for a whole year. It’s impossible to estimate how valuable it is to any business to ensure that their data remain safe and secure. Find reputable business computer recycling professionals in your area and have peace of mind about what’s happening to your used computing equipment.