Advertising is a hugely crucial way in which we learn about products – and through which products all throughout the country as well as the world actually sell. But advertising has had to adapt to the changes of the world, particularly with the advent and the widespread use of the internet as well as the smart phone, both of which have put people in greater connectivity with each other as well as the world than ever before in history. With the creation of the digital marketing agency, much of the marketing and advertising strategy and process has moved to online platforms, with the typical digital marketing agency doing everything from strategically placing adds to paying professional web designers to spruce up or even completely overhaul the websites of their clients, which are often out of date and difficult to navigate, something that is likely to drive tech savvy customers away and to different products currently available on the market. The modern digital marketing agency can truly do it all, from google ads to social advertising strategies. For the nearly fifty five percent of small businesses that say they need help with digital advertising and marketing strategies as well as their overall online presence, a digital marketing agency can make a big change for them and for their success as a business overall.

Social advertising strategies and social media promotion have become key to any up to date digital marketing agency. This is because a typical digital marketing agency will be able to tailor the ads that they create to the different and often specific demographics that are the most likely to buy the products that they are advertising in the ad. This targeted approach allows for much more precision in advertising than has ever been possible before, and contributes significantly to the more than ten billion dollars spent on online ad revenue around the world alone in the year of 2017 – specifically in the third quarter of the fiscal year. In the United States alone, more than one hundred million dollars is spent every single year on various digital marketing strategies.

A digital marketing company is also likely to look into ways to grow the breadth with which the name of your company is recognizable as well as well known. Part of this is tied directly to SEO (search engine optimization) content creation, which utilizes special keywords and buzzwords to help articles about your company or product to climb to the top of a search engine search, such as a google search. This is hugely beneficial, as being on the front page of a google search is certainly not a small accomplishment, and is believed by more than seventy percent of all marketing professionals all throughout the entirety of the world to be one of the best marketing and advertising strategies currently in the arsenal of a digital marketing company. Part of this can be tied directly to the fact that SEO content writing is hugely less expensive than other forms of marketing used in the world today, both forms of digital marketing and otherwise. In fact, SEO content creation is as much as sixty two percent less expensive, allowing companies to effectively cut their marketing budgets in half.

From SEO companies to the popular digital marketing company, online advertisement has taken the world by storm. Popular platforms for online advertisements and marketing strategies include LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube and Google Plus. Even Snapchat has begun to show advertisements, most likely as a way to boost overall revenue. There is absolutely no doubt about it that digital marketing companies have become widely respected – as well as hugely important in our world as it is today. From the United States to the vast majority of the world around us, internet access as well as easy smart phone access has become nothing if not commonplace. And so we must adjust our lives as well as our marketing strategies to meet the new needs of a technologically engaged country, and those of a technologically engaged world set to continue to grow.