Are you satisfied with your business’ current conversion rates? Data from 2016 indicates that just 22% of the participating businesses were satisfied with their’s. Of course there are a variety of factors that can potentially influence these rates. Econsultancy, for example, reported that having a positive user experience is at the top of the list with 95% of the individuals that visit websites.

How Website Design Influences Customer Opinion

First impressions do matter. Both Northumbria and Sheffield Universities gathered data that underlines this, particularly where website design is concerned. According to their combined research, 94% of users indicated that a website’s design influenced their first impression of a business. When companies use professional web development services, however, their chance of making a positive first impression is increased.

How Mobile-Friendly Websites Influence Conversion Rates

Many consumers will conduct Internet research to learn more about a company prior to visiting its brick-and-mortar store to make a purchase. The same applies to consumers that make online purchases. According to recent studies, between 70% to 80% of consumers will conduct research before actually making a purchase. Given this, mobile-friendly websites are essential. Roughly 72% of consumers want to be able to use their mobile devices to conduct research and in some instances, make purchases as well.

How Excessive Advertisements Are Not the Answer

When consumers conduct product and company research, or otherwise engage in making a purchase decision, they are often annoyed by excessive advertisements. Some company websites seem to barrage their potential customers with pop-up ads, many of which interfere with the content and product information. While some advertisements are expected, there is a limit for many consumers. Over the past three years, 71% of a survey’s respondents indicated that they believe these ads have become more intrusive.

Consult With a Digital Agency to Learn More

What are your business’ top priorities? In 2017, for example, a survey revealed that 51.3% of businesses prioritized driving sales, while 48.4% prioritized building brand awareness. Does your site post regular unique content? This can actually assist your business with generating three times the leads. A digital marketing agency will advise you that this is where search engine optimization (SEO) makes a significant impact.

Once you consult with an Internet marketing company, they will be able to provide you with recommendations to assist you with driving sales and increasing your brand awareness. A digital agency has experience with current and effective marketing strategies, which includes mobile-friendly site design and unique content provision. Furthermore, a digital agency will also be able to provide you with other tips to increase your conversion rates and expand your business.