We live in the age of technology, this is simply undeniable. Technology is part of nearly every moment of our day, from the way that we work to the ways in which we communicate with our friends and family. We, of course, also use technology for purposes of entertainment, from watching movies and TV shows to playing games to even reading books downloaded onto our phones, tablets, and computers.

Therefore, digital marketing strategies have become immensely important when it comes to advertising and marketing departments, so much so that about half of the typical advertising and marketing budget for any given company will now be devoted to digital marketing strategies alone. And there are many different ways to launch a digital marketing campaign.

Social media marketing campaigns, for instance, have become widely utilized. After all, social media itself is on the rise, with more than seventy five percent of all adults having at least a Facebook account and using it on a daily basis, with many having social media profiles on other social media platforms as well. After all, the number of people who use Instagram grow by as much as five percent on a quarterly basis with a billion monthly users reached by the time we hit our current year of 2018 – and only expected to grow from there.

But while social media marketing is certainly an important form of digital marketing, as such a vast number of people are so invested in social media, it is certainly far from perfect. Unfortunately, far too many people will simply scroll past the advertisements that they see on social media, paying them little to no mind. This has led the majority of brands to have failing social media campaigns, particularly over the last couple of years.

But as any digital marketing company knows, there are other ways in which to employ digital marketing tactics. Content creation, particularly SEO content creation, has been found to be one of the most effective ways in which to use the online world as a platform for advertising and drawing in new customers. After all, more than sixty thousand searches occur in Google alone for each and every second that passes, let alone in other search engines, and those companies that are able to get their websites on the first page or so of search results are likely to improve the amount of site traffic that they receive by quite a bit.

And the utilization of SEO (search engine optimization, for those who are unaware) has been found to be more popular than ever before, with more than thirteen million small businesses alone looking to implement or already implementing SEO content creation tactics as their primary form of digital marketing. And more than sixty percent of all companies say that SEO digital marketing strategies are their number one priority in terms of the world of digital marketing, a percentage that is only likely to continue to grow in the years that are to come.

Of course, having the right type of website is also hugely important – it can’t stop with content creation alone. After all, if you bring in new customers to your website through the use of SEO tactics, it will only really be effective if you can keep them there. Websites that are poorly designed and not well maintained are far less likely to do so than websites that have been well kept and updated on a regular basis.

For example, you want your website to be quick to load. Here in the age of the internet, the vast majority of people will expect the websites that they frequent to load in only a matter of seconds. If this is not the case for your website – or even if just the images don’t load – you’re likely to lose a great number of potential customers as a result. In addition to this, the website should be easy to navigate and find information on, something that most people will click away from if not present.

With the rise of digital marketing strategies, there are many ways to improve the recognition of your brand.