Over time, many property owners determine that it’s time to upgrade their respective buildings or outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for an environmentally way to accomplish this task, consider using metal fabrics. By choosing metal fabrics, you’re likely selecting recycled materials. In fact, research shows that the cables and other materials of these fabrics are made up of 40% new materials and 60% recycled materials. However, you might be unaware of how many uses there are for these types of architectural materials. Here are three great uses for architectural mesh panels.

  1. Refurbishing a Building or Vehicle

    Many companies provide restorations to their clients. It’s imperative to utilize the right type of materials while restoring homes, vehicles, and other objects. Considering that, you’ll want to know that architectural mesh has been popular for many years. With that in mind, many professionals rely on architectural mesh panel to complete restorations.
  2. Creating Amazing Railings

    Whether indoors or outdoors, people depend on railings for both safety and guidance. Considering that, there are likely many areas of your commercial property that would look great with the addition of architectural wire mesh panels. Many property owners utilize architectural mesh panels as infill for railings. In addition, these panels allow you to give any stairway a much more appealing look. If you want your railings to maintain optimal airflow and visibility, opt for a 50% open area weave.
  3. A Safe Way to Enclose an Area

    In certain situations, property owners will need far more than railings to keep guests safe. With that in mind, many of these individuals choose architectural mesh panels to achieve this goal. These panels help ensure that various structures remain protected including playgrounds, tennis courts, and even sports venues. Research shows that etched metal fabrics have a maximum width of 26 feet. Considering that, groups of these fabrics will be able to cover large amounts of space.

To summarize, there are several amazing uses for architectural mesh panels. Considering the vast amount of architectural mesh panels available, it’s understandable to want help in regards to choosing the right materials. Therefore, it’s wise to speak with someone from an architectural mesh company. In turn, you’ll be able to communicate with someone who understands the scope of your upcoming construction or expansion project.