Air conditioners are an important part of many homes. They help keep temperatures comfortable and also remove pollutant particles from the air, thus improving the overall feel of a home. Let’s see just how they do this.
It’s well-known that AC units consist of two parts, one outdoors and another indoors. The two parts are connected with continuous coils, with the unit indoors being the evaporator while the one outdoors is the condenser.

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Refrigerant fluid runs through the coils continuously, keeping the evaporator colder than the current room temperature and the condenser hotter than its surroundings. This means that the coils absorb heat from indoors and eject it into the surroundings outdoors.
To make this work, a heat exchanger with a compressor and an expansion valve are also fitted into the system. A fan is added to the compressor to help cool the refrigerant fluid as it passes through the coils. Different types of air conditioners have different abilities for heat removal, and this is defined as the ton of an air conditioner.
To get the best unit for your space, contact AC services so they can advise you accordingly and also help you install and maintain your unit.