Underground mine dewatering systems are an essential part of your mining operation, but few are aware of the purpose of this technology and how these systems operate. In a nutshell, these pumps work to remove slurry from your groundwater.

Mixtures of water and solids called “slimes” form in your mine’s groundwater.

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These are common applications that can be difficult to remove. They appear in sumps or collection pits at various levels throughout your mining facility. If these sumps are not properly pumped out on a regular basis, you’re at risk for flooding. Not only will this halt production, but more importantly, it poses huge safety risks to you and your entire staff.

To handle slimes, some underground mines attempt to use water pumps. However, because slimes are so abrasive, they can ruin water pump machinery in as little as a few days. Constantly repairing these water pumps can be a huge drain on your resources.

Procuring a solids-handling submersible pump is a much more effective solution. With high chrome agitators, wide passages that won’t be damaged by abrasive materials, and slow-running motors, this equipment is specially designed to deal with slimes. You can save money long-term by investing in the proper pump for the job.