Rack refrigeration is one of the key special refrigeration services that companies in the industry
utilize. Here’s an overview of this special system
Rack Refrigeration Overview
All rack compressors are parallel. This is one main discharge line at the bottom that
connects everything. The fluid from each compressor travels through an oil separator and then a

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The condenser discharge flows through a liquid line. The remote liquid header also
connects everything.
EPR Valves
Companies use either manual or electronic EPR valves. The EPR valves regulate suction gas to
ensure that there is maximum efficiency. There is a suction side on each compressor.

Oil Reservoir
The oil reservoir is a key part of special refrigeration services. The oil reservoir services each
compressor. It’s important to take the oil out of the gas before it flows through the compressors.
Key Features
Companies who are using rack refrigeration focus on making sure that the compressors are
running as long as possible. Sharing the refrigerant charge and load helps thing run efficiently.
Companies should also look to shorten the run time between defrosts.
While rack refrigeration systems may seem complicated, there are a few keys steps to focus on.
This overview should help you gain more insight on special refrigeration services.