Local seo company

Search engine optimization used to be a fairly narrow set of practices largely aimed at manipulating Google and other major search engines. But as search engine ranking algorithms improve and search engine optimization strategies become identical to general marketing strategies, SEO is quickly becoming part of a more comprehensive skill set of bringing visitors to websites and then encouraging them to become customers. With that in mind, your business may find it beneficial to take advantage of SEO company services that go far beyond traditional SEO:

  1. Local Optimization

    While general SEO and local search optimization have a lot in common, there are some specific local SEO strategies that can be extremely important if your business has a brick-and-mortar location. Often, businesses who try to handle local optimization on their own end up leaving inconsistent or incomplete information floating around the web, which lessens the likelihood of customers finding the business online and actually coming into the store.

  2. Pay Per Click Audits

    SEO and pay per click campaigns go hand in hand when it comes to driving traffic. One of their most important commonalities is the necessity of choosing the right keywords that will bring qualified visitors to your company website. One of the greatest benefits of PPC campaign management is that a company will do periodic audits and ongoing analysis to make sure you’re getting the highest possible return on investment for your PPC spending on various keywords.

  3. Conversion Analysis

    The end goal of SEO used to be getting potential customers to a website. But now, full-service web development companies are working to improve conversion rate — that is, how many visitors actually buy a product (or sign up for a newsletter, or whatever the purpose of the site is). This broader type of website consulting includes analysis not only of how many unique viewers see a page, but also what they do and don’t respond to. This might include the application of psychology and marketing principles, as well as split (“A/B”) testing in order to increase the effectiveness of your website. After all, all the SEO in the world won’t matter if visitors don’t like what they find when they click on the link to your page.

What other SEO company services are paying off in the current online climate? Share your recommendations in the comments.