Military gun cases

Transshipment is the transfer of cargo from the original carrier to another carrier at an intermediate location. Cargo departs from the latter to reach its final destination, and transshipments are made for five reasons:

    1. There is no direct route from the origin to the destination;
    2. If there is a direct route, it is blocked;
    3. To conceal the identity of the sender or the recipient;
    4. To change the method of transport, e.g. from air to ship;
    5. To consolidate several shipments from different senders onto one route to the same destination.

The Transshipment problem first appeared in Medieval times when trading of goods became widespread. At the time, the goal was to transport items from one location to another in the minimum possible time. The equipment cases problem is a modern interpretation of the age old Transshipment problem, and asks students to find a solution to ship waste from six distinct locations to three waste disposal sites. The goal is to find the cheapest and most efficient solution that uses the least resources.

Today, companies who ship goods from several locations don’t have to deal with this annoying problem. For many businessmen, the equipment cases problem is only a figment of their imagination from an unenjoyable Operations Management course in college. Custom packaging companies take care of the logistics of shipping products, and businesses just have to choose from a variety of custom retail packaging to keep their cargo safe. Any business that is considering investing in custom shipping cases should consider the following benefits.

  • Custom packaging helps your company’s products arrive safely.
    Fragile, breakable, or perishable goods need to have special attention when they are being shipped, and custom packaging ensures products get to their destination unharmed. If you’re wondering what materials to choose for custom packaging, aluminum is a great option — it’s durable, light, and flexible. Another bonus? It can stand up to extreme heat and cold, so products that are distributed across a range of climates won’t suffer. Aluminum racks usually have custom cushioning, padding, and bracing, so you can be sure your company’s products will get the best treatment during transport.
  • Investing in custom packaging means there’s a team of experienced packagers there to help.
    Working for a company who is an expert on a range of products is great, but sometimes it’s asking too much to require in-house professional transport services. Custom packaging companies give your business access to the latest trends in hard shipping cases and equipment cases, so you don’t have to worry about anything except providing a quality product.
  • Custom packaging services increase your company’s efficiency.
    It takes time, money, effort, and extra labor to worry about the logistics of shipping your company’s product. It can save your business lots of stress to pass off the task of transporting goods to an airline or shipping cargo company. This means more time to focus on your business. Investing in transportation services for your brand’s cargo is sure to give your company an edge that will be unmatched by competitors.

Do you remember being assigned the equipment cases problem while you were in a college Operations Management course, and being overwhelmed with the solution? Does your business invest in custom product packaging you would recommend to others who are trying to decide? What is your opinion of aluminum cases? If you have thoughts or advice, please share your experience by leaving a comment below.