Pharmacy retail software

Most businesses need to utilize a Point of Sale system to perform patron transactions and keep track of all sales done by the business. In a pharmacy, an adequate POS system is especially important so that they can keep records of what medicine has been sold. Having the history of sales to review can help the staff to manage their inventory appropriately. The POS system also makes it easy to manage the drawers at the end of each day so the business knows how much money it brought in that day.

In 2010 doctors ordered and provided 285.1 million prescription drugs in outpatient hospital visits and 2.6 billion prescription drugs during or after physician visits. Pharmacy and drug store sales in the U.S. amounted to $231.46 billion in 2011. The elderly community alone spends approximately $10 billion on prescriptions each year. Statistics show that almost 25% of elderly people take eight or more prescriptions. Being able to efficiently serve the community with prescriptions with POS software can lead to repeat business as well as provide accurate service.

The best pharmacy POS software gives both patients and employees a better experience, allowing time efficient and simple transactions. Easier transactions are also made possible with the POS’s ability to keep the patient’s records on file along with all their information. Keeping the patient safe is also an important feature of pharmacy POS software. The patient’s signatures can be kept on file so that each new signature can be compared to the original with electronic signature capturing. The software also offers integrated credit card swiping. Incorrect medication usage accounts for 10% of hospitalizations. By using a POS prescriptions can be delivered to their bedside and allow patients to be properly counseled during discharge.

By utilizing the best pharmacy pos software you can make your work easier. Accurate data of all prescriptions is kept within the system so any transaction records can be accessed easily. Pharmacy software provides a real-time detailed report of sales. Reviewing records of the items sold allows you to see which products are selling the most and which are not doing well in sales. Aside from analyzing sales you can also keep track of the side effects that occur with the patients and which medicine caused them.

Keeping great POS software in your place of business is good practice for maintaining a successful business. Make your transactions simpler, keep the customers happy and stress free and keep records easily by using up to date pos systems. Let each work day be easier for both employees and patients. Your pharmacy will benefit endlessly when using the best pharmacy POS software.