Advanced printing nyc

Most people think that a digital printing company is used only in the marketing and advertising worlds. It’s not surprising considering U.S. companies spent an estimated $44.5 billion on direct mail marketing in 2014 and 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital communication.

There are however other uses for digital printing services. One of those is now being utilized by METCASE, the aluminum instrument and desktop enclosure manufacturer. In a report from the engineering and design industry news site, METCASE has extended its custom front panels service through the use of digital printing technology.

Through the use of color model (CMYK) digital printing technology, METCASE will be able to create front panels with legends, logos, and photo quality graphics at a much more affordable price than traditional methods. The company has made the service available to customers for complete enclosures as well, but for now the demand and popularity rests with the custom front panels.

There are plenty of ways to advertise and create a brand for your company these days. Outdoor advertising (such as outdoor signs) costs 80% less than television advertising, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio advertisements, but by doing this METCASE could also be engaging in passive, or completely free marketing too. Anytime someone buys a custom front panel there’s an opportunity a friend, coworker, or general passerby will take notice of it and ask where it came from.

They can create front panels from aluminum or steel. METCASE offers other service such as, CNC punching of holes and cutouts; drilling and tapping; fitting of inserts, studs and earth tags. They even offer engraving for heavy duty applications.

One of the best features the include is the ability to see a 3D model of your front panel before it’s manufactured to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.