Rapid prototyping pcb

The circuit board and electronic component manufacturing industry produced $44 billion in revenue during 2014, making it a popular market for many new businesses to enter. Trying to keep up in the complicated market can be tricky — and efficiency is becoming increasingly important.

When you are looking to increase the efficiency of your printed circuit board assembly, there are several important factors to keep in mind: size, simplicity, components, and consistency.

These four factors can make or break your success, whether you offer high or low volume PCB assembly services. This guide is designed to make sure that your company falls on the make side of that equation.


The bigger something is, the more resources it takes to build, the more money it will cost. That is true for all industries, including PCBs assembly. If you want to keep your cost down and increase the speed, then you should try to keep the circuit board surface area to a minimum.
Of course, you don’t want it to be too small. That is because the smaller the PCB is, the more precision oriented your process will become, taking much more time to handle the extra needs.


The more complicated something is, the more likely you are to make a mistake while doing it. When you are designing your circuit board, consider making the layout as intuitive and unobtrusive as possible, that way your employees can complete it more quickly.


While you want the surface area of the circuit board to be reasonably small. You are going to want your components to be on the bigger side. Not only will these components be less finicky, they will also help to make sure that the machinery you employ can work around the components with ease and that there will be no accidental cuts or other errors.


Consistency is key. Even for low volume PCB, it is better to have a template to work off of. That way you can spend less time reinventing the wheel with each unique projected, and also help to ensure that mistakes will not be made. Your employees will be able to better understand the layout more easily as well, meaning they will be empowered to work more quickly.

Efficiency is a core principle of any business, as every business has a responsibility to the bottom line. By following these four principles, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your business.
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