Cricket locations in tucson

The smartphone is here and it is here to stay. In 2007, Apple launched its revolutionary iPhone and the race has been on ever since to put out the latest and greatest smartphone on the planet. Apple, itself, has put out nine different versions of its phone and other manufacturers like Samsung, Google, and LG have done the same, keeping competition at a fierce level. For example, by 2016, there were 107.7 million Android users in the United States alone.

What has also been at play, though, is the top of the mountain when it comes to how to run the smartphone. In other words, companies have been slugging it out to see who will provide the best deal on the service plan. Different types of cell phone plans have emerged over the years as the best ones out there.

There were plans that offered the most minutes of talk time that were supplanted by unlimited talking and texting plans. Then there were the data portions of the service plans that went from being quite limited to unlimited. In addition to all of this, several companies began offering customers the ability to upgrade their phones every year or two years.

Many people thought this would not be necessary at first. They figured that they had a smartphone, so they would just use it until it gets too old. What many people discovered, however, is that it rarely takes more than two years for a new model phone to come out that will be more than the next big thing; it will allow the user to do so much more than they could have ever done on their previous device. Obsolete is perhaps the most overused word in the 21st Century, but with good reason.

Now that you have a smartphone, though, the question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you have the best network and the best rate plan for your situation and your lifestyle. Cricket Wireless has been making a play for being the best deal in town for a while now. Your Cricket service provider will explain to you that it covers 99% of all Americans. That is a big claim to make, but their new, strong network can back it up. Not only will your Cricket service provider cover you almost anywhere in the United States, users on “Smart” or “Unlimited” plans can roam in Mexico and Canada with no extra charges.

For most people, the smartphone is more than just a phone. The requirements for a phone these days are that it can at least let you talk to someone and text them if you prefer. But, the smartphone is more than that and its users require more from it. In the United States, one out of every ten people has a smartphone but no broadband internet at home. That means that many people are relying on their phones to be their computers.

People need to be able to access the Internet any time of the day or night. Many service providers are aware of this and your Cricket service provider is no different. Offering various types of data plans, including unlimited plans, is what is making certain service providers stand out over the others. The beauty of the cell phone is that it is always evolving. As the cell phone evolved into the smartphone, the rate and data plans for the smartphone are evolving into the service of the future.