From having a digital shelf to the adequate product catalog software, it is important to have an easy to manage and easy to navigate website built up in the world of ecommerce shopping. And these things like a digital shelf have become more popular than ever before, as online shopping has grown immensely in recent years, since the advent of the internet. The internet has opened up the world in many ways, and as it is now easily accessible for nearly everyone in the United States, revenues for ecommerce have been able to grow immensely. And online shopping is able to be done on more platforms than ever before, such as on the mobile phones of people all throughout the country. With the widespread use of smart phones more popular than ever before, data shows that as much as thirty percent of all ecommerce purchases are completed through the use of a mobile phone. And ecommerce sales are only expected to grow, though they are already adding up to immense amounts. The total yearly revenue for ecommerce in the year of 2016, for example, was more than three hundred and ninety five billion. By the time we reach the year of 2020, less than two full years away now, this number is expected to climb by an astronomical amount, reaching nearly six hundred and eighty five billion dollars.

But with the growth of ecommerce shopping, more options have presented themselves to consumers and many ecommerce sites must stay on top of things in order to keep customers interested in the products that they have to offer. Having a digital shelf is one component of this, as having a vast and expansive digital shelf can certainly be effective at drawing in new and returning customers and consumers alike. Because of this, effective digital shelf management is an important component of any ecommerce operation, if it has hopes of staying in the competition of all ecommerce operations.

Aside from digital shelf management, the use of ecommerce images is also hugely important to the standard ecommerce operation. Customers need to see ecommerce images of products that they are hoping to buy, because, after all, who would want to buy something if they did not know what it looked like. The ability to zoom in on an image on a digital shelf is also hugely important, and is something that as many as seventy percent of all ecommerce customers or prospective customers consider as part of the main deciding factor of whether or not they will purchase the item they are looking at, or instead take their business elsewhere. And just the use of high quality images themselves are hugely important, with nearly half of all prospective online shoppers (forty seven percent, to be exact) considering the use of high quality images to be one of the factors that they primarily look for when deciding to buy a product from an online platform. The use of high quality images can help a customer to see all of the intricacies of a product, and view it from any angle – the next best thing to actually seeing it in person. When it comes to ecommerce managment, ecommerce employees should keep in mind that the majority of all customers (around sixty percent) want to see at least three total images of a product, giving them the chance to view it as thoroughly as possible before they make a final purchasing decision.

From having an extensive catalog management system to a digital shelf and large image database, there are many ways to make your ecommerce operation work. And ecommerce shopping can be used to purchase nearly anything in the world nowadays, with more and more people using ecommerce shopping instead of going in to a brick and mortar store. It’s even happening to grocery stores, with more than thirty percent of United States residents planning to shop for groceries online at least once in the next coming year. There’s no doubt about it that ecommerce is growing and will continue to grow each and every year.