As the world grows ever larger and more densely populated than ever before, location intelligence solutions are likely to become more dramatically important than ever before as well. After all, location intelligence solutions encompass a wide range of various technologies and tools of population calculation, from spatial data analysis to various demographic reporting tools. And location intelligence solutions can be used for a wide variety of difference purposes, from knowledge of the needs of any given population to even various marketing analytics. But above all else, there is certainly no doubt that location intelligence solutions are becoming more possible with each passing year.

For instance, GPS satellites have become one of the most widely utilized location intelligence solutions in the world, not just here in the United States. Much of this can be attributed to their ease of use as well as their incredible accuracy. The data that has been gathered on the use of these GPS satellites more than backs up this claim, showing that just one GPS receiver is able to accurately determine the time to within 100 billionths of a second, making it one of the most effective ways of telling time that we have at our access and disposal in today’s world.

In addition to this, there are a good deal of GPS satellites currently passing around the Earth, making the information that is gleaned from them truly even more accurate. In fact, there are always at least 24 active GPS satellites in use at the very minimum. At the current date, there are estimated to be 30 GPS satellites or even more than that, a hugely impressive number of GPS satellites in action, all things considered.

But what can all of this information that has been gathered by location intelligence solutions like GPS satellites be used for? For one thing, it can be used to track population growth, something that is becoming more and more important to meet the needs fo these rapidly increasing populations seen not just here in the United States but in so many other places all throughout the world as a whole as well.

After all, the next four decades are anticipated to see a huge growth in the population of this world as a whole. Over this relatively short course of time, a less than half of a century, the population throughout the world will likely increase by as much as 50%. This means that the entire population of world will reach an incredibly nine million people on the planet, up from the mere (by comparison) six and a half million people located all throughout the world today.

Understanding the needs of the elderly population is also important, and can only truly be understood if we know just how much the elderly population is growing, both here in the United States and throughout the rest of the world as a whole. In Great Britain, for example, the elderly population – those who are at or over the age of 65 – is growing quite rapidly. The data has even shown that by the time we reach the year of 2030, now just over a decade in the future, that there will be a ration that shows that for every 100 or so working adults throughout the country, there will be up to 40 pensioners that are being supported by them. This is up from the much lesser ratio of only just 25 pensioners to 100 working adults that was found to be the case back in the year of 2008.

Of course, location intelligence solutions can also be effectively used for marketing purposes and the gathering of various marketing analytics. Marketing analytics can help businesses and companies to determine where they should build their next business – and they can do so quite accurately and successfully if they know the demographics of the areas that they are considering moving into. The use of location intelligence solutions has made a big impact in how things are marketed.