The importance of recycling and repurposing cannot be stressed enough. Recent figures indicate that United States’ households recycle less than 22% of their trash, and the remainder ends up in the country’s overburdened landfills. Electronic waste is also a concern for both American households and businesses. IT sources, in particular, are responsible for approximately 34% of the total amount of electronic, or e-waste.

How to Handle Electronics and Computer Disposal

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), a large percentage of electronics can be donated for reuse and repurposing rather than thrown away. Furthermore, electronics can often be repaired, refurbished, or broken down for parts and materials. This prevents these items from entering landfills.

How Electronics Are Recycled and Repurposed

There are electronic disposal requirements in place as well as detailed processes to recycle these items. The US EPA states that in addition to sorting, dismantling, and mechanical separation, valuable materials are recovered during this process. Furthermore, when used electronics are recycled, materials such as the following are available for reuse:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Glass
  • Gold

When these materials are reused or otherwise up-cycled for other products and purposes, it not only reduces the need for new raw materials, it also reduces the need for disposing of them.

How Electronics and Computer Recycling Reduces Pollution

When computers and other types of electronic equipment are recycled, the US EPA reports that this assists with the reduction of pollution. One of the reasons for this is because pollution can occur when new products are manufactured. Recycling also reduces the necessity for obtaining additional resources, many of which are limited. Another benefit of recycling is that it reduces energy usage. This is because parts and materials can be reused rather than manufactured again.

Learn More About Electronic Recycling Services

When your company has electronics that need to be disposed of or recycled, there are services available to assist you. Rather than allowing these items to pile up in your work or storage space, you can contact a representative to schedule e-waste pick ups. Remember that when you schedule e-waste pick ups, you’re making a valuable contribution to the environment.