Businesses big and small are interested in using the far-reaching power of the Internet to advertise and promote their brand to consumers across the United States, or even the world. Most often, those businesses are taking two routes at once: creating physical signs and displays, and hiring digital marketing companies in the area for web development, SEO work, and more. Creating signs is a different topic, however, as creating digital marketing packages is an entire field of its own. Many companies today outsource specialized labor for all sorts of benefits, from hiring printer firms to print large quantities of posters or flyers all the way to hiring accounting firms and job placement firms. But what about outsourced labor for SEO marketing, pay per click (PPC) design, and digital marketing services that create company websites?

A Good Website

A fine place to start is website design, as most companies have their own website that interested customers may visit at their leisure. There may not be the correct in-house labor for this, so that work is outsourced to web developers. A good website will have an appealing visual design that matches the tone and services of the company, and that website should also be laid out in a convenient and intuitive manner for navigation. An internal mini-search engine and tabs allow guests to navigate a site with ease, and these websites may have a digital catalog, too. Such catalogs should have tags on each item so that guests may sort them, and all items should have clear images.

On a more technical side, the website should be set up so that all images, articles, and videos load quickly. Surveys show that Internet users are impatient, and a guest may grow frustrated with a website if the content takes too long to load. Often, having to wait just 10 seconds may prompt a guest to leave.

SEO Work

SEO, or “search engine optimization,” is the effort to make a website appear earlier and more easily in a search engine. The Internet is a vast place, and it may be difficult to find desired content unless a user enters relevant keywords into a search engine. Doing this will bring up a whole list of results, and links closest to the top of the list get clicked on the most often. What puts a website up there? If the website’s text has a lot of keywords relevant to the query, than that website may appear early, and SEO writers are responsible for creating content dense in industry-relevant keywords. Even the keywords in article headlines count toward SEO value, and more value is certainly better.

SEO extends to hyperlinks, to. A website may appear early in a search engine result page if many other trustworthy websites have links that lead to that website in question. Having all those links tells the search engine “this website is relevant and trustworthy,” so it appears sooner. It may also be noted that a website will appear much later in the results if its content is very out of date. Many website owners will work to keep the content refreshed, and neglected websites will quickly sink low in the results where no one might see them. Fresher websites are prioritized.

Using Social Media

Social media is capable of more than personal accounts for sharing vacation photos. Many companies are making use of social media profiles that can be used as miniature websites, and with these accounts, the company can send messages and share content with all of its loyal customers and new consumers alike. With such an account, the company can share information with ease at any time of day, bypassing the expenses of ad space on videos, TV, or the radio. These accounts may be created and controlled by outsourced labor, and these social media experts (a fairly new field) will create content in the company’s tone regularly. This may include answering consumer questions or comments, and sharing details on a new location, upcoming deals or sales, and more. Many surveyed Americans say that they are impressed and pleased when a company’s social media account responds promptly to their questions and comments, making for smooth and easy communication between the company and its customers.