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Office phone systems can often be a pain in the butt (moreso than that desk chair you’re sitting on). Dropped business calls, inability to carry out effective conference calls, etc. can be a nightmare.

It may be time to look into a new internet phone service, which is a form of managed services. Studies show that nearly 37% of small and medium-sized businesses have purchased some type of managed service, which allows a company to cut out day to day management tasks and become more cost effective. With the average U.S. company experiencing three hours of downtime, it would be more efficient to purchase an internet phone service.

You may find that there are a few options for small business phone systems, but a voice over internet protocol (or VoIP) service is the best option.

What is VoIP? This type of internet phone service allows companies to make and receive phone calls over a broadband internet connection as opposed to using a traditional phone line.

How does VoIP work? Your VoIP service provider will explain how the voice traffic is changed into “data packets” and then transmitted over your company’s internet or private IP network. If you make a call to a cell phone or landline using this service, it will convert the data packets to traditional phone signals.

What equipment is required? For the most basic for of VoIP, your company will simply need a broadband internet connection and phones that are specially designed for VoIP. You can also opt for a traditional phone that must be connected to an adapter. Many companies will not use their desktop computers with VoIP software.

Is there a better option? The best VoIP service company will offer different packages depending on how much a company wants to pay or what they need to carry out their day to day tasks. However, if the basic services are not enough, unified communications offer more advantages and features. Such features include conference calls that include not only voice, but also data, video and desktop screen sharing.

What are some benefits of VoIP?

  • Experience reduced long-distance phone call charges
  • Your office will be run on one network for voice and data (no more phone lines)
  • Add, move, or change any aspect of the VoIP service as you deem necessary
  • Cut travel costs thanks to online conference calls and video chats
  • Employees have multiple ways to keep in contact with customers and each other

The cost of a typical VoIP service will range anywhere from $100 to $750, depending on how many features you want added on and what company you sign a contract with. Browse around for the best VoIP service company for you. More info like this.