Computer racks

You may see them in iconic films, like Ocean’s Eleven, but — chances are — you don’t give much thought to servers, server rooms, and portable server racks. That’s okay if you do not own a business, but, if you do, thinking too little about server placement and server practicalities can lead to big trouble. Some companies have easily found that out the hard way. Without necessary planning and precautions, you may have space shortages, profit loss, or even fires to contend with.

Don’t Let Everything Go Up In Smoke

“A fire that erupted at the data center of Samsung SDS in Gwacheon, South Korea, reportedly took out services to Samsung smartphones, tablets and smart TVs for several hours,” Tech News World reported just last month. In other words, servers can and will catch on fire without the proper considerations. All large businesses using servers should research server rack cooling systems — and take adequate precautions to avoid combustion and fires. Some server rack enclosure and server rack accessories manufactures even sell special, ventilated flooring — designed for the explicit purpose of preventing fires.

All Space Is Valuable

A lot of businesses owners drop the ball by considering traditional and portable server racks on a horizontal axis only. This is an inefficient use of space. With the proper towers or server racks, management and/or engineers can easily arrange servers in a way to make the most of both horizontal and vertical space. Business owners should also carefully plan for the future — and anticipate any likely growth. It is much easier to contend with too much space in a server room than to build another server room altogether.

Is your server room likely to catch fire? Avoid tragedies and profit loss by carefully ventilating all server rooms — and making adequate considerations for space, both on a horizontal and vertical axis. Find out more about this topic here: